Mitex Overhead Boom Headset with PTT

Mitex Overhead Boom Headset with PTT

Day Hire: £5.00 + VAT

Three Day Hire: £7.50 + VAT

Week Hire: £10.00 + VAT

Day Sale: £25.00 + VAT

Three Day Sale: £37.50 + VAT

Week Sale: £50.00 + VAT

The Mitex Kevlar reinforced boom headset comprises of a soft padded speaker that fits comfortably on the ear reducing outside noise. The soft headband is adjustable and the set can be worn on either the right or left ear. The boom microphone is also adjustable enabling the user to angle it around the front of the face to maximise clear audio transmission. The inline push to talk can be clipped to the lapel to keep wires tidy. We recommend the Mitex boom headset for use in environments with background noise such as busy offices and department stores.