A Stage Fit for the Queen at Buckingham Palace

Freelove Group were tasked with building a bespoke clear roof arc stage on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace for the launch of the Queen’s Baton Relay which signalled the countdown to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The main challenge to overcome was the limited time frame in which the structure could be built, we had only 4 hours for delivery and complete installation to structural sign off before the set company arrived to cover the stage with carpet and branded cladding.  Our Milos 10m x 8m arc roof stage with clear canopy was built within 3 hours including the installation of bright white stage lighting to assist with the TV coverage and an unassisted access ramp to the front of the stage.


We also built 2 camera platforms and 2 press risers


all whilst being on display to the general public visiting the venue and with armed security supervising from the roof of Buckingham Palace!

Freelove Group installed a custom 10m x 8m Milos arc roof stage with a clear roof

Following the event the derig was completed and we were offsite within an hour including the 6 tonnes of ballast.

The stage was fully branded by a set company


No ground anchoring on the palace forecourt which meant that 6 tonnes of ballast had to be brought in

We provided white light for the stage to ensure for tv